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SEO for Attorneys – Professional SEO Advice

Posted on March 16, 2017 in by


If youre like most lawyers, youre interested in search engine optimization (SEO) as a method to get in front of would-be clients that are trying to find the services you offer.


Why Search Engine Optimization Traffic Is Really Precious


Every single day, more consumers and companies are using the net to seek out lawyers. For example, if youre a New York personal injury attorney, you’ll find several thousand prospective clients searching for your services in Google every month. This is one of the great benefits to legal SEO and other forms of online marketing.


Many lawyers consider search engine marketing to be a better option than pay per click (PPC) advertisements, such as Google AdWords.


Why? One reason is because PPC is astronomically expensive for lawyers.


Search Engine Optimization also provides better placement than PPC. Many lawyers prefer not to advertise their services simply because they dont wish to seem to be soliciting clients.


Plus youre developing a long term strength. When you develop positions, youll continue to get free clicks as opposed to paying for every click.


How do you rise to the very top of the search engine results?


Here are the 3 essential ingredients of a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign:

Ingredient #1. Demand (Keyword Research)

First, you need to understand what specific keywords your potential clients are searching. Google makes this easy using their Keyword Planner. Just key in your keywords and Google will tell you how frequently theyre searched by prospective clients.

Ingredient #2. Relevance (Edits to Your Website)

Knowing what keywords youre targeting, you have to make your website applicable to those keywords. You do that by integrating your keywords into meta tags (most importantly, your Title Tag which looks like in your HTML code) and your body copy.

This really is the measure many people think of when they hear the phrase search engine marketing. During this step, you’re optimizing your website for search engine queries (making it relevant to the keywords you want to appear in Google for).

Note: Keyword stuffing can backfire and worsen your rankings since the major search engines recognize unnatural keyword density. Moreover, you want real individuals to read your website copy and wish to make contact with you as a result.

Extra Hint: Google is now showcasing local Google My Company profiles (previously Google  Local, Google Places, or Google Maps) results in more and more of the search results. So, in addition to editing your web site to be relevant to your own desired keywords, it’s also advisable to create and alter local search engine listings also.

OK, now youve made your site applicable to the search engine key word phrases, but thats still not enough to out rank other sites in competitive marketplaces.

Ingredient #3. Ability (Inbound Links)

How can you build your sites power? The main element is to bring inbound links. When Google finds other sites linking to your website, Google sees this as a quotation a vote of confidence in your website and a hint of your ability.

Step 1 and Step 2 get you into the match, but its Step 3 (your sites authority or standing) which will enable you to outrank other law firms websites in competitive marketplaces. Most lawyers, as well as many website designers and so called Search Engine Optimization professionals are oblivious of this fact.

LARGE Misconception About Search Engine Optimization

Among the greatest misconceptions about SEO for attorneys is the fact that its largely a one time event, or an facet of website design. Actually, it ought to be an ongoing process. If youre just starting out, odds are very good that your competitors are much ahead of you in relation to assembling incoming links, and itll take some catching up. Typically we recommend that lawyers prepare to speculate the absolute minimum of 6 months into an Search Engine Optimization campaign so that you can catch up and begin moving right up in the search engine outcome and creating more traffic and leads.

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